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Thank you so much for stopping by!

I am a professionally trained and a Certified Birth and Certified Postpartum Doula through DONA International, serving families in Airdrie, Calgary and rural areas. I provide emotional, and physical support through your pregnancy, during your labour and into the fourth trimester with compassion and understanding on what you want and need. What does this look like you might be thinking?  

Well, when you feel unsure of things, I will reassure you.

If you’re not sure of something, I will help you navigate through it.

When your partner needs a rest, I will be there with you. When your partner is feeling overwhelmed, I will be there for them also.

 With over 100 births attended, I will share my knowledge, passion and experience with you so you can feel mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for when labour begins. 

My mission is to provide you with calm, connected comfort through it all.

Leanne Bryce CD,PCD(DONA)

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About Me

I have been married to my husband since July 7th, 2007. (7.7.7) 

We have 2 beautiful daughters and a son who completes our family of 5.

My passion for Doula work came quickly after my first child was born in 2010. The continuous support I received during my labour was very empowering and something I needed! I didn't know the value of a doula's role until I had one myself, and my husband needed her too! I provide that same passion and support to the families I serve. I share my heart and soul to help you achieve your goals. 

I enjoy playing cards, getting together with friends, playing softball, watching my children play ball, and reading a good book by a campfire or sitting by a river.  

My credentials: 

2019 - DONA CERTIFIED Birth Doula.

2019 - Postpartum Doula training through DONA International.

2020 - Microbiome Course on the benefits and how incredible Breastmilk is. 

2021 - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Workshop through PILSC.

2022 - CERTIFIED Postpartum Doula. 

Member of the Calgary Doula Association since 2019. Also the Secretary and social media coordinator for the CDA. 

Member of the Doula Association of Alberta since 2021

I am Insured through ProLink Insurance 

2024 - Certified VBAC Doula ​

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What I Offer


Our meet and greet would be via zoom or in person. This is about a 30 minute conversation to learn about one another and to see if we're a good fit for each other

I work with each person/family to develop a customized plan for what your hopes and dreams are for your birth. Let me share how I can support you through your journey into parenthood.

Click below to get started


$1550 + GST

  • 1 prenatal in person, 2nd maybe online due to time

  • Unlimited contact from the moment you hire me

  •  Comfort tools for labour

  • Continuous support and care for yourself and your partner

  • Photos and videos if you prefer

  •  A Birth Timeline for you to cherish for years to come 

  • One, 1 hour postpartum visit to see how you are adjusting, to debrief about your birth experience and to close our time together

  • A Mama Tens Machine Rental (fee of $30) which will be invoiced after birth

  • KMS may be added depending on rural location.

  • **Repeat clients will receive a $200 deduction of the fee!**


$2000 + GST

This includes my Birth Doula Package and 12 hours of postpartum care.

This is the Best package to receive the utmost support you deserve as you journey into parenthood or welcoming an addition to your family.

50% payment at signing contract or 12 weeks and again at 32 weeks.



The early days of parenting can be very overwhelming, I get it.  I’ve been there and I want to be there for you! 

My goal as a Postpartum Doula is to provide the best educated information and care that I possibly can to you and your family. 

Postpartum Care are customized and may Include:

- Emotional and Physical support

- Scheduling and routine assistance

- Education about newborn care (how to care for, bath, sooth and swaddle your babe)

- Infant feeding support, breast, pumping or bottles. I’m here for it all. 

The house!?! Don’t worry about the little things such as the dishes, laundry, and organizing, I can do that! And I enjoy that!

 Your job is to recover, rest and bond with your new babe! 


Get You On Your Feet:

12 hours for only $456 + GST to be

used in the first 6 weeks of

baby's birth day. This is daytime pricing. 3 shifts for 4 hours each day. This package is $38/hr + GST to be paid in full at signing of contract. 

Travel fees may apply.  

I Want A Couple Extra Hugs:

24 hours for $912 + GST to be used

in first 12 weeks of birth, day time pricing. Minimum 4 hour shifts. This package is $38/hr + GST

To be paid in full at signing contract.

**Add more hours at an hourly rate of $40 an hour + GST

Travel fees may apply.


Scheduled C-section
$1450 + GST

-Support throughout your pregnancy to help you navigate your options 

- 1 postpartum shift of 4 hours to support you as you settle in at home with your new baby after surgery. 

-1 Prenatal zoom call to discuss preferences and to discuss what all happens in the O.R.

-on-call period from 38-40 weeks

-labour and delivery support- physically and emotionally (if labour starts

before your scheduled date)

- Help you settle after surgery

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How can a Doula help me?

As your Doula I will help you determine your goals for your birth. I will respect, inform and nurture your hopes and goals. We will work through any fears together. I can be your sounding board and your coach. Once labour starts I will be by your side from start to finish and beyond.

If I have a Midwife, why do I need a Doula?

Doula's are trained for emotional support and to provide comfort measures for you and your partner during all stages of labour. Midwives are incredible humans and are medically trained in supporting families throughout pregnancy and during labour. Their priority is to maintain the well being of you and your baby.  Midwives typically arrive to your birth when your labour has progressed to conractions being 3 minutes apart, lasting a minute long and for at least an hour. The 3-1-1. As your Doula I come sooner to support you through active labour until your baby is born.
Midwives and Doula's work wonderfully together! I absolutely love working along side Midwives! Let's build the best Birth Team for you!

What if I want an Epidural?

Many clients who want an epidural in their birth plan still hire a Doula! Epidurals are a great tool to have available in the tool box when needed and wanted. Being informed is important to me so sharing resources with you so you can make your own informed choice is important. I will come to your home to support you during early labour and can guide you along to the hospital. It's good to keep in mind that sometimes labour progresses quickly, so knowing other comfort measures is very important.
As your Doula I will help you breathe and release your body through each wave that washes over you and then gives you a much needed break. There are lots of tools we can use for coping with labour.

It's a Big Investment

It’s true, my support is an investment. If you think for a second and consider the peace of mind and support during the time of unknowns and uncertainty, my physical/emotional and psychological support will make it worth the investment. I promise!

I encourage you to read my reviews to understand the value of my services and the dedication I thrive to give each of my clients.

**Some insurance providers cover some or all of the costs of Doula support so please look into your healthcare spending account.

I believe in body autonomy and medical freedom. I do not believe in forcing someone to do something with their body they do not agree with.

 It is a high priority for me that you feel comfortable with everything that happens in your birth space or during your pregnancy.

No matter your medical choices you deserve to be supported. 

When do you join in labour?

In early labour, try and ignore the waves for as long as you can. We will be in touch and I can give you suggestions for comfort during this time. When contractions get stronger and closer together I will join you in person and stay with you until your baby is born and you are settled in for rest.

                                         Let's start planning for the best birth experience together!

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Leanne B - cert image.png


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you say,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Doula Support

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Client Love and Reviews

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"The most caring, empathic and professional doula. Even my midwives were astounded by her level of care and etiquette in the delivery room. From the big things such as support for emergency c section, to the little things such as electric candles in the delivery room, making me a late night snack after baby arrived and providing calming touch- Leanne is a gift. Her post partum services were so valuable as well as she anticipated all my needs and was so helpful with my newborn. Cannot give enough praise to this wonderful human being."



Leanne is truly an angel disguised as a doula. I cannot put into words what a positive impact she had on our pregnancy, labour and delivery experience. She really takes her time  with you in your prenatal visits to get a fulsome understanding of your knowledge and help to fill in any gaps. She is patient and non judgemental when it comes to coming up with a birth plan, and will provide her recommendations based on prior experiences and research when prompted. While my husband and I took 2 separate prenatal birthing classes that walked you through labour positions and partner support, Leanne's support when I was in early, active labour and transition was invaluable. The ideas, tools and physical support she offered really helped me through my contractions and her calming presence offered reassurance that everything would be okay. As I faced a pretty long and exhausting labour, I know that my partner and I wouldn't have fared and coped as well without Leanne. She stayed with us until shortly after the arrival of our sweet baby boy and documented some special memories of our birth experience and photos that we would never have had otherwise. We also had a lovely post partum visit to debrief on our experience, as well as to answer any additional questions we had. Honestly, I was a bit unsure about what a doula could offer but I'm so glad that we hired a doula, and in particular, the amazing Leanne. Anyone (particularly first time parents) who are considering a doula should just say YES and you'll be even luckier if you have Leanne in your corner. 



Leanne was an essential part of my birth team for my first pregnancy. The peace of mind that having her aboard gave me was priceless. She was a huge support in the planning process - prepping both me and my partner on what to expect during labour, helping me put together a birth plan, providing me with knowledge and having discussions that led me to ask the right questions to my midwife. She never rushed our prenatal meetings, she took the time to cover everything in detail & answer every question I had. Come the big day, she came over within the hour when we called. She guided us through the labour process and I believe her coaching on movement and positioning played a huge part in why my baby descended through the birth canal with ease, didn’t get stuck, and never felt stressed - which was one of the main reasons I wanted her as part of my team in the first place. Leanne’s support contributed to a great labour experience that lined up with my birth plan and allowed me to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth. I really appreciated her communication style as well - she brought a calm presence and made encouraging suggestions to help me get through the labour process. I couldn’t recommend Leanne enough for this important & intimate life experience. I will definitely be bringing her back on for baby number two!



The whole process from our meet & greet to birth to post birth visit with Leanne was absolutely amazing. We are so happy we were referred to Leanne when we asked our Midwife for doula suggestions.
Leanne helped us with the frame work of our birth plan and explained things we didn't fully understand when we asked her for additional insight on birth topics.
In the weeks leading up to my due date, Leanne checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing.
During labour my husband liked how Leanne worked with the Midwife really well and suggested various pushing positions, etc. She also worked really well with him and he said she was calm and felt like an old friend during labour.
Overall we are so happy we had Leanne at our first birth and would definitely use her again at any future births!



I will be forever grateful to Leanne as my doula. She checked in with me leading up to my birth and sent me lots of great resources and was available to answer my questions. During my home birth she stayed by my side and seemed to intuitively know when to help with a hip squeeze and talk me through contractions. She also used rollers on my back, suggested alternate positions, reminded me to restart my hypnobirth tracks and to drink water. Together with my midwives, it was such a blessing to be surrounded and supported by such strong and caring women as I brought my daughter into the world. She took photos and videos as my daughter was born and captured some truly precious and emotional moments that I otherwise would never have to review. Leanne also came for 3 postpartum visits and helped with holding the baby so I could shower and eat, bathing baby, doing laundry, vacuuming and other light chores, playing with my toddler. Not only was her support wonderful through these actions, but also her advice and guidance (and adult conversation) were a light in those hectic days. I was so sad to say goodbye to her on her last visit. Leanne has a positive, calm, and loving demeanor that made her so easy to get along with, it felt as though I'd known her a long time.

Braedie Larocque


There is too much to say about how much we loved having Leanne as our doula but here is some key things as to why we loved Leanne as our families doula♥?. Not only is she super awesome at advocating for her families but she is a fountain of knowledge!. When looking for a doula I not only wanted someone to support myself as the mother but my spouse and daughter as well since our first child was not as I had wanted due to being high risk and caused a lot of anxiety in not only myself but greatly within my partner for fear of what kept being spoken over me within the hospital. As I laboured Leanne knew exactly where I needed pressure and comfort without me even needing to speak and for that I'm forever grateful for her as in the moments without her felt like an eternity and when she was with me time went quickly with her words leading me through each wave peacefully. Our eldest followed her around and Leanne was so kind and had endless grace with her and involved her in all going ons and emersyn still speaks of moms baby helper often. I spoke often that we would have two children and be done but my 2nd labour was as I always wanted and so peaceful I'm now considering a 3rd and if it happens Leanne will be by our sides again. 

Leslie - 

When we began our journey with Leanne we never expected to have received such a tremendous impact on our journey through our pregnancy, and our lives really.

The guidance and support Leanne provided from day one was truly amazing. We had a few hiccups along the way, Leanne was there through every step.

There is no way our delivery would have been as manageable without Leanne. We feel she kept the room together, ensuring our message was kept clear to the hospital staff and that we were emotionally and physically supported.

Having Leanne available to ask questions was a huge asset as there are so many pros and cons to everything. Leanne knew our intended path and was able to provide support based on that path.

Never will we forget the support Leanne provided us. And never would we been able to get through our pregnancy and delivery as well as we did without her.

Maggie - *This was a surrogacy pregnancy*

When I contacted Leanne, I had recently broken up with my partner and had planned on having him their for the birth. I too am a doula and also had the thought that it might be nice to have the experience of having a doula myself! 

At the meet and greet, I knew Leanne was the one for me! She just had this overall sense of positivity, lightness and passion about birth which drew me in. When I gave birth to this baby, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic (definitely a weird time to be born!), during this time Leanne's support did not falter. We had our second prenatal visit via phone call and she took all the necessary precautions on her end so she could be their at the birth with me. 

When the birth took place and we met up, she immediately jumped right in and was hands on. She knew what I needed before I did! She spoke words of encouragement to me and helped me achieve the natural birth I wanted in the first place. 

Throughout the pregnancy, she provided me with resources about labor and delivery, tips for "drying up" and made sure I had lots of support in the postpartum period. I am so so happy I had Leanne at my birth, and am so grateful to have just met her in general! When I have another baby, I will definitely be hiring her again!!

Kyle - Husband and Dad

I first contacted Leanne through her Instagram page, and from the get go, she was very easy to communicate with and was able to provide a wealth of knowledge with pre/post pregnancy and what we should expect. My wife and I had some complications with our pregnancy at the start, and Leanne was nothing but supportive and walked us through the next steps. During our delivery, we were in the hospital for over 24hrs and Leanne spent the whole time with us at the hospital. She assisted with breathing techniques, massages, and best of all acted as a friend for my wife and I. 

Leanne has always been available to contact either by phone/text/email and at all hours of the day. I would highly recommend Leanne for anyone going through a pregnancy. Being a Doula is something that she absolutely loves and its evident in the way she deals with families going through a pregnancy.

I can't say enough good things about Leanne and if we plan on having another child, she will be one of our first phone calls!

Liberty - 

I had originally hired a different doula for the birth of my baby this past June. I also had booked a birthing suite here in Calgary, but things did not go as planned! My midwife couldn't make it so she sent another midwife filling in for her, my doula couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances and I was progressing too fast to make it to the birthing center! My entire plan had gone out the window. Here I am at home pacing around my house riding out every contraction not knowing if anyone would make it on time for the birth, it was a tad stressful for sure but once Leanne arrived (sent by my original doula) I could finally relax and get into the zone. I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn't have been able to stay as calm and confident in myself if Leanne had not been there. With things being so fast paced since I was 10cm when the midwives arrived, nothing about the situation was as calm as I wanted or imagined it to be. But with the reassurance and words of encouragement from Leanne, I felt relaxed and confident in myself. She was right there with me holding my hand, pushing on my back during every contraction, leaning over into the tub to support me (you're a trooper btw) getting me cold cloths and water, she was there for me every step of the way. Without her it wouldn't have been such a wonderful experience. I am forever grateful she arrived at my house that day. She is incredible and I would 100% recommend her again and again. Thank you.


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