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Every birth is special. Whether it takes place at the hospital or at home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. No matter how you birth your baby, everyone can benefit from having an experienced Doula present. Contact me to learn more about my services, and how I can help you bring your own child into this world.



I have been married to my amazing husband and best-friend since 2007. We have 2 beautiful daughters and 1 son who completes our family tree. My passion for Doula work came quickly after my first child was born. The continuous emotional and physical support I received is something I love to provide for my clients and believe is very important. I hit the ground running in birth work and am trained and certified through DONA International. I will be pursuing postpartum work in the fall! 
I enjoy camping with family and friends, softball, shopping at local shops, reading, puzzles and crocheting.




As your Doula I will help you determine your goals for your birth. I will help you navigate any fears you might have. I can help clarify information you receive from the Doctors, nurses or Midwives. Once labour starts I will be by your side from start to finish and beyond.


Doula's are trained for emotional support and to provide comfort measures for you and your partner during labour. Midwives are medically trained and their priority is to maintain the well being of you and your baby during labour and especially during delivery.  Midwives absolutely provide labour support - they do - they just have more responsibilities that must take priority. Having a Doula is a great asset to your birth team to consistently be by your side.  Midwives and Doula's work wonderfully together!


Many clients who want an epidural in their birth plan still hire a Doula. I will direct you to information regarding the benefits, risks and side effects of an epidural. Being informed is important. I will come to your home to support you during early labour if needed and will guide you along to the hospital. It's also good to keep in mind that sometimes labours progress too quickly to receive an epidural, or the anesthesiologist may be unavailable. In this situation as your Doula I will help you with the intensity of labour if your epidural is delayed or unavailable. 


It’s true, my support is an investment. If you consider the peace of mind and support during the time of unknowns and uncertainty, my physical/emotional and psychological support will make it worth the investment. I would encourage you to read my reviews to understand the value of my services. 

Some insurance providers cover some or all of the costs of Doula support. 

I’m happy to answer any additional questions.



What I Offer



I am here for YOU!

All pregnancies are different, and that’s why I work with each client to develop a customized plan for your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Let me explain how I can support you through the journey of pregnancy and labour, over a cup of coffee.


Offering Unwavering Support

-1-2 In Home Prenatal Visits.  1st visit is to get to know you and your partner, to discuss your desires for birth.  The 2nd visit will be about preparing you for labor; mentally, physically and emotionally.

-Mulitple Resources to share
-Unlimited Phone calls and text 
-Comfort tools to use while in labour
-Support your partner during labour
-Support through Cesarean birth
-On-call from 38 weeks until your baby is born.
-I will take photos/video on your terms

- A Birth Timeline for you to cherish for years to come
-1 postpartum visit to see how you and baby are transitioning.



Offering Support before and after

-Support throughout your pregnancy via phone, text, or email 

-1 Prenatal in home visit to discuss preferences and birth options

-on-call period from 37-39 weeks

(week weeks in total)

-labour and delivery support- physically and emotionally (if labour starts before your scheduled date, I will be with you)

- Help you settle after surgery

-Postpartum/post surgery care.  Snacks, heat/cool comfort, massage

-Support and assist your partner through it all

-Help with baby's first latch

-1 One-two hour Postpartum visit within 2 weeks after birth.

Pregnant woman in nature

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you say,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”




*This was a surrogacy pregnancy*

When I contacted Leanne, I had recently broken up with my partner and had planned on having him their for the birth. I too am a doula and also had the thought that it might be nice to have the experience of having a doula myself! 

At the meet and greet, I knew Leanne was the one for me! She just had this overall sense of positivity, lightness and passion about birth which drew me in. When I gave birth to this baby, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic (definitely a weird time to be born!), during this time Leanne's support did not falter. We had our second prenatal visit via phone call and she took all the necessary precautions on her end so she could be their at the birth with me. 

When the birth took place and we met up, she immediately jumped right in and was hands on. She knew what I needed before I did! She spoke words of encouragement to me and helped me achieve the natural birth I wanted in the first place. 

Throughout the pregnancy, she provided me with resources about labor and delivery, tips for "drying up" and made sure I had lots of support in the postpartum period. I am so so happy I had Leanne at my birth, and am so grateful to have just met her in general! When I have another baby, I will definitely be hiring her again!!

~Maggie Olson~

My husband and I were not sure whether we wanted a Doula at first, so I suggested that we look online and see if we could find a match.  Leanne, was the first person we met and was just so easy to get to know that we went ahead and booked her on the same day.   We were first time parents, so had also signed up for the birth and babies classes with AHS, but I found it helpful to have Leanne explain about the different options, specifically, at the first meeting we discussed what we could expect from labour and delivery, went through our preferences.  At the second meeting we chatted more about the actual event and the plan for when I went into labour.  As my date approached and then passed Leanne was very supportive and checked in with me often to see how I was doing. 

When I went into labour I checked in with Leanne right away, and we checked in regularly until I felt that I had moved along enough for her to join us.  When Leanne arrived, she was great at helping me to relax and focus on my breathing.  She was able to help me feel as comfortable as possible, while also making sure that my labour progressed enough for us to go to the hospital.  Once we arrived at the hospital, Leanne really shone, it helped me so much to have her and my husband as a team.  Leanne did lots of hip presses to help ease the pressure and helped my husband to keep me moving and standing, my most comfortable position!  When I was feeling like I couldn't do it anymore she helped to come up with new positions for me to try and suggested when to rest.  After the birth we had some minor complications and I appreciated it so much that Leanne waited with me and checked in over the next few days.

Without Leanne, I'm not sure how we would have done it! We are so incredibly grateful for her support, guidance, and care throughout this experience. We highly recommend Leanne!

~Cherie Tutt~

Leanne was a life saver for the birth of my daughter. My husband and I hadn't organized having a birth doula, but after 12 hours of labour, we were so lucky to have Leanne available to support us. She was kind, knowledgeable and helped us through one of the most challenging days we've ever experienced. She guided me through contractions, rest and supported us at the hospital. In retrospect, I would have organized Leanne to be with us from the very beginning. We were so glad she was with us and we highly recommend her service to anyone expecting a baby! 

~Breton Bonner~

Leanne helped me through my labour and is so knowledgeable. she gave me lots of emotional support and help through a difficult labour. She is great! Leanne not only supported myself through labour, before being induced but she supported my partner. As first time parents and full of anxiety and the unknown she helped us to navigate questions and be able to advocate for us to have the most positive birth experience. At the start of the labour induction, we were set on having a vaginal delivery, but things changed and we ended up having a c-section for the birth of our son. She helped us ask the right questions so we would be able to make an informed decision. She is an absolute gem of a human and I would not hesitate to hire her again. 

~Jessica Adams~

Leanne was amazing with the birth of our second child this WEEK! My husband and I are so grateful for the support Leanne has provided us before,during and after birth.

She has really made this experience even more unique, she is very intuitive through out the whole process! Not to mention Knowledgeable, a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. All things you want/need and more in your doula!

Leanne has changed the way we thought about doulas, we were unsure if we needed one(since this was our second round) after this experience we cannot imagine doing this again without a doula and specifically without Leanne!!

~Kayla Wilson~

I first contacted Leanne through her Instagram page, and from the get go, she was very easy to communicate with and was able to provide a wealth of knowledge with pre/post pregnancy and what we should expect. My wife and I had some complications with our pregnancy at the start, and Leanne was nothing but supportive and walked us through the next steps. During our delivery, we were in the hospital for over 24hrs and Leanne spent the whole time with us at the hospital. She assisted with breathing techniques, massages, and best of all acted as a friend for my wife and I. 

Leanne has always been available to contact either by phone/text/email and at all hours of the day. I would highly recommend Leanne for anyone going through a pregnancy. Being a Doula is something that she absolutely loves and its evident in the way she deals with families going through a pregnancy.

I can't say enough good things about Leanne and if we plan on having another child, she will be one of our first phone calls!

~Kyle McCaffrey and JJ~

Leanne is not only my cousin in law, but was my guiding light during my son's water birth. I wanted to give up and die many times, but her words of encouragement and bubbly positivity got me and my hubby through this incredible 7hr adventure. She was a godsend to us! 

If you are looking or thinking of having a doula for extra support during your pregnancy/birth journey, then I would highly recommend her services. I'm so happy she became a doula and that i got to have her by my side during this amazing time. 

~Melina Vallee~

I had originally hired a different doula for the birth of my baby this past June. I also had booked a birthing suite here in Calgary, but things did not go as planned! My midwife couldn't make it so she sent another midwife filling in for her, my doula couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances and I was progressing too fast to make it to the birthing center! My entire plan had gone out the window. Here I am at home pacing around my house riding out every contraction not knowing if anyone would make it on time for the birth, it was a tad stressful for sure but once Leanne arrived (sent by my original doula) I could finally relax and get into the zone. I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn't have been able to stay as calm and confident in myself if Leanne had not been there. With things being so fast paced since I was 10cm when the midwives arrived, nothing about the situation was as calm as I wanted or imagined it to be. But with the reassurance and words of encouragement from Leanne, I felt relaxed and confident in myself. She was right there with me holding my hand, pushing on my back during every contraction, leaning over into the tub to support me (you're a trooper btw) getting me cold cloths and water, she was there for me every step of the way. Without her it wouldn't have been such a wonderful experience. I am forever grateful she arrived at my house that day. She is incredible and I would 100% recommend her again and again. Thank you.




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